On the Radar: What to Do This Weekend

The sweltering summer heat is finally beginning to subside, but New York City still moves. Here’s what’s on the radar for this weekend:


Amalia Suggests:

Instead of seeing a movie this weekend, why not try a film installation like Freight and Volume’s “The Double Dirty Dozen (& Friends)”? Themed around freedom of expression and the 1967 film, “The Double Dirty Dozen” is sure to be avant garde and even a little racy. Admission is free!


Mark Suggests:

What two things do all college students love or at least pretend to love? Art museums and film screenings! You may not have known this, but the MoMA has a theater in which select films are screened one to three times a day. The price of a ticket is even included in the museum admission. So when you’re tired of standing and feigning understanding of the art, go take a seat and feign understanding of different art. Titles and times can be found here.


Nick Suggests:

Participants of Fordham press have had a number of varying opinions regarding Occupy Wall Street. While mainstream media has all but ignored the movement for the past year, activist activity has by no means ceased. This Monday marks the one year anniversary of the protest, and activists have planned a weekend of events, from teach-ins and educational lectures to musical performances, nonviolent protest training seminars, and, of course, marches, in celebration. The festivities begin on the 15th and culminate on the anniversary on the 17th. Whether you think the protestors are honorable representatives of the plight of the contemporary American, or a bunch of self-righteous blowhards beating a dead horse, you owe it to yourself to witness the movement if you haven’t already.


Nina Suggests:

Foodies! The Vendy Awards are this Saturday, September 15th on Governor’s Island. Love food? Love urban justice? Go buy your tickets here and head over there tomorrow. You’ll eat wonderful food, enjoy some music from Brooklyn rappers Das Racist, and (if you’re of age, of course), indulge in the open bar provided by Brooklyn Brewery. Eat some nom noms and have fun; it’s a great way to pass an afternoon.