Friday Beauty Flash: Get Your Spook On

We all know Halloween isn’t just for kids. Teens and adults seize the day as a rare opportunity to dress up in ways they would never ordinarily get away with. We seek to look scary, sexy, funny, or just bizarre. But is the transformation really complete once the Costume is donned? We think not. Here are a few highly useful tutorials if you’re seeking to dedicate yourself wholly to the spirit of Halloween. Our picks range from special effects to straight up sexy. Have fun prepping!

  • Number one pick, hands down, goes to KandeeJohnson. Kandee is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked on movie sets, shows, you name it. She is the Youtuber to watch if you wanted to pick just one person with a huge variety of amazing, incredibly done, full-effect Halloween makeup. She is incredibly beautiful, talented, and sweet and has tutorials on everything from Tinkerbell to Jack Sparrow to Michael Jackson. The video linked is the best tutorial on how to transform yourself into Edward Scissorhands.

  • Next is your quintessential sexy vampire look. The Pixiwoo sisters are also professional makeup artists who have worked with celebrities such as Jessie J and Paul Mccartney. Their aunt is legendary makeup artist Maggie Hunt, so clearly this talent runs in the family. The Pixiwoo sisters have Halloween tutorials ranging from Catwoman, to Drag Makeup, to the Corpse Bride. Enjoy this fantastic transformation.

  • The next tutorial is a beaten and bruised look. It’s pretty realistic, and this makeup is perfect for the darker characters we see on Halloween. Sarahvictor is a makeup artist and one of the most down-to earth, hilarious women on YouTube. She has makeup tutorials ranging from Dia de los Muertos to Sexy Doll makeup to Zombie Makeup. She also has a huge array of beautiful smokey eye videos for any of you who are seeking your basic neutral sexy look to go with less characterized costumes.

  • The next video is from a MALE makeup artist whose channel name is Petrilude. He. Is. Amazing. He has the fiercest drag makeup videos I’ve seen, and he is known on YouTube for his amazing Halloween looks. He has tutorials on Witch Doctor Makeup, Sexy Nymph Makeup, Old Age Special Effects makeup, and a bunch of wow-factor tutorials that are pretty bloody. Linked is his skull mask makeup tutorial.

  • Disney Princess- Little Mermaid. Amazing. This writer personally feels that it is very difficult to get Disney makeup right. However, there are a few tutorials on YouTube that manage to do it. There are tutorials on Jasmine, Snow White (does she count?), and Pocahontas, among others. This tutorial will completely blow you away. The video is made by Dope2111, who is Vietnamese- and she manages to look like Ariel. She also manages to look like Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Jasmine, and Mystique from X-Men. She is truly phenomenal.

  • Lastly is frmheadtotoe. This is somehow, a completely adorable, beautiful Lion makeup tutorial. Jen is a beautiful Asian-American YouTuber who embraces her Korean background and does tons of Korean celebrity/music video looks, in addition to everyday makeup videos, special occasion videos, and tips and tricks. Check out her Sucker Punch tutorial also- this works well if you plan on doing a sexy military look.

  • We’re including this video purely because it is disgusting. Who would think she was so pretty underneath all those toxic layers? We do not advise you to put glue on your face.

 - Kat Muniz, Blog Writer